About the project


As a renowned global consultancy firm, Beta Technology is working in collaboration with 13 European partners over the next 4 years to deliver this ambitious programme.

The brief

Exact Marketing were successful in the tendering process and commissioned to work with Beta in support of the project through the creation of a brand identity and website to help communicate the project’s objectives, research, progress and findings.


Brand Identity

With a project as complex as DynaHEALTH, it was important that the brand identity captured the essence of the initiative whilst remaining graphically striking and suitable for use across various media. To achieve this we worked closely with the project management team, initially identifying key words and adjectives such as glucose, ageing, health and diabetes to get an understanding and feel for possible themes, typography and colours. From initial concepts through to the finished logo design required an iterative process, the result being a visually appealing logo with meaning. Through a combination of graphical elements and typography, we arrived at a logo that demonstrated the individual as being at the centre of the process. Hexagon shapes emphasised the crucial influence of diabetes whilst subtly suggesting the idea of progress and a pathway. The identity had energy, movement and dynamics. To help the DynaHEALTH brand remain consistent across various media, we also produced a style guide, detailing how the brand assets should be used.


The requirements for the website were clear and straightforward: to help raise awareness of the project, provide information and help?outline the research being undertaken, promote achievements and support the dissemination of results.

Our method for developing the?DynaHEALTH website?began by assessing the objectives for stakeholders and users of the website. These were identified as being quite varied and to include the scientific community, policy makers, health organisations, media and the general public.

Content, features, imagery and other marketing activities were taken into account, all influencing the structure and design of the website in the early stages and important to ensure that the end result would meet everyone’s needs.

Using content maps and wireframe diagrams to depict the architecture of the website, graphical mock-ups to demonstrate the application of the brand prior to development ensured that Beta and the partners had numerous opportunities to review and offer their feedback throughout the process.

The website was developed using our own?Content Management System, ExactCMS, which is flexible, scalable and most importantly very intuitive and easy to use.

The DynaHEALTH website is responsive and displays seamlessly on various devices, logically structured and as a result, simple to navigate. Features include:

  • Site search
  • Multilingual (key pages)
  • Partners portal (document storage)
  • News / blog
  • Newsletter subscription


The DynaHEALTH project was launched in September 2015 at the European Parliament in Brussels and marked the first milestone in this large scale and ambitious collaborative research project.

Claire Webster, Lead Project Manager at Beta commented...

“Working with the team at Exact Marketing proved to be a great experience, they listened to our needs, were very proactive and delivered great work within the budget and on time.?We couldn’t have asked for more".

"They also understood the complexities of working in such a large partnership?which was really important. Since the launch, feedback from stakeholders and partners regarding the brand and website has been extremely positive”.

Andy Roberts, Director of Exact Marketing added…

"As with all our projects, we were determined to deliver high quality, creative work and just as importantly ensure that the process throughout was smooth?and progressive. I believe our team did just that and we look forward to working with Beta during the course of the project lifetime".

Working with the team at Exact Marketing proved to be a great experience, they listened to our needs, were very proactive and delivered great work within budget and on time.Claire Webster
Consultant - Beta Technology
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